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Developers Look to 2015 with Optimism

Developers predict that the Georgian real estate market will become more active this year. George Kapanadze,  Axis  Director-General makes the optimistic forecast in the air of radio “Commersant” just like  Archi Group Director.
According to him, in 2014 this business experienced aprogress. All objects were financed and the company will fullypay off all obligations in 2015.

Kapanadze notes that  in 2014 Axis started new projects, including those which have not yet been announced, and the company intends to make statements regarding them  in January.

In his words,  the company’s new projects are focused on  porches  that are offered to consumers as a gift in two new facilities. In the words of  George Kapanadze, the consumer is actively using this offer and, as a result, December was the best month in the Axis’ history  in terms of sales.

As for mortgage loans, Axis CEO  states that the interest rate went down, and if we compare the most successful  2007 and the first half of 2008 when a 16-17% mortgage loan was common,  today 10% and 9% don’t surprise  anyone.

“So, the situation has significantly changed, which increases the demand for our product,” – George Kapanadze adds.

 According to him, the company introduced the “Technologies of the future” project  within which utility costs will  fall by half  through the use of  modern furnishing materials and glass.