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Developement Company Arena Lux Promotes Healthy Life Style

The development company  Arena Lux is constructing a multipurpose complex in Tbilisi, on the University Street around the area of the “Arena” sports center.


The construction of the 14-story complex began in January this year and will be completed at the end of December. The complex will include living, commercial and office spaces. Underground and external parking construction is also planned, and the building will be covered in natural stone.


Sales on the spaces have already begun with one square meter shifting in the 800-1500 USD price range. The consumer will be able to cover the apartment costs using simple means, such as domestic interest-free loan plans. Finalizing a purchase will gain each client a gift from “Arena” in the form of a free year-long subscription to the sports complex, which will follow with a 20% discount once it expires.


The company stated that the flats’ areas begin from 46 square meters, the complex itself being built with a white carcass and utilize the “Cobiaxis” technology – unparalleled in Georgia.


The main goal of “Arena Lux” will be to promote a healthy lifestyle in society. That is why the company will build a new multipurpose complex in 2016 that will include a sports center housing a university, a school and a kindergarten.