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Demand for Outdoor Advertising Reduced

Demand for outdoor advertising has reduced. The  advertising companies say the reason for the decline in demand is the currency devaluation and the current economic environment in the country.

Along with the depreciation of the national currency,  an advertising company Outdoor.ge has slightly reduced the price of outdoor advertising. In a conversation with CBW,  the company’s lawyer Nika Urushadze notes that during the tourist season demand for advertising banners in Adjara always increases.

As for prices, in his words, the minimum price is registered in regions and makes  $ 10 per square meter per month, while a maximum price of $ 45 is in Tbilisi. An advertising company Odyssey Promotion announces that the demand for outdoor advertising reduced by about 10%. He notes that some companies, such as beer companies, spent more money on advertising billboards last year.

Odyssey promotion does not have billboards in the capital and places advertisements mainly in the underground and on buses. As for prices, one square meter costs $ 15 – 35. The prices in the regions and in the capital are different and outdoor advertising in the capital costs an average of $ 35.

The national currency has been falling  since November last year. Georgian lari  has lost 30% of its value. In addition, the situation is aggravated by economic situation in Russia and Ukraine, which are important trading partners of Georgia.