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Demand for Domestic Flights Increased in Georgia

Domestic flights in Georgia are mainly performed  in the direction of Batumi, Kutaisi and Mestia. The representatives of Georgian airlines claim that the demand for their companies  has grown significantly during the holiday season.
In particular, ServiceAir airline  flying in the direction of the mountain resort of Mestia says  that demand is large, and the tickets have to be booked in advance.

“We fly to these destinations 3 times a week, and if the weather is good, planes are full. The demand is very large, and therefore, clients have to  book tickets. Our aircrafts can accommodate 15 people, but  the demand is much higher than our opportunities. Ideally, we could carry more than 2 times. With regard to increasing the frequency of flights, then it is not up to us. At this stage, we work only in the direction of Mestia. Naturally, in the summer demand increases significantly, but as we are talking about a distant  and inaccessible region, the original focus was made mainly on local rather than foreign tourists. We assume that there  will be a demand for flights to Mestia after the season is over, “- the company states.

According to “Airzena” airline, which flies in Kutaisi and Batumi, the demand for these directions isdifferent,  respectively, the number of flights.

“In Kutaisi, we fly twice a week, in Batumi – every day. We cannot say that Kutaisi is in a special demand as mainly deputies, members of the parliament, journalists, as well as transit passengers flythere. As for Batumi, the demand is very high and is growing in comparison with last year, especially in the high season. Our  aircrafts are meant for 50 seats, but due to the growth in demand on Saturdays and Sundays, we are flying on “Boeing” which accommodates 132 passengers. According to our forecasts, with the completion of the tourist season, daily flights will be canceled. As for flights to Kutaisi, it depends on the activity of the Parliament,”- say in the airline.