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Delloway – Georgia’s First Booking Platform

DELLOWAY, Georgia’s first booking platform, has been introduced.

Delloway is a startup, which is to connect house owners and tenants through a different business model.
The company cooperates with owners of premium-class houses and provides real estate management services for them.

The Startup founder Nata Qavtaradze told BM.Ge that the company services enable to place offers on the internal platform (www.delloway.com) and Airbnb and to cooperate with other Georgian and foreign tourism companies.

“There is no company providing analogical services in Georgia. Consequently, since the foundation of Delloway we have been taking efforts to meet specific needs and demands of the Georgian market. therefore, we have decided to shape such a platform that would be interesting and favorable for business owners and visitors. And we offer the simplest way to our clients for booking a desirable house in one minute from their own homes without phone calls and correspondences, through only payments”, the startup PR Manager Gvatnsa Arevadze noted.

To ensure maximum comfort, Delloway provides continuous communication to visitors during the whole visiting period. The services are adapted to both local consumers and tourists.