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David Gogichaishvili

David Gogichaishvili: I Gave up Bank Career because of Compressed Time

Caucasus Business Week had an exclusive blitz interview with General Manager of Night Show Studio, David Gogichaishvili.

I graduated higher schools in both Georgia and abroad. For example, I hold three BA diplomas in banks and finances, journalism and the English Language and Literature. Moreover, I have finished MA degree studies at the Ohio University media management school in the USA, and MA degree studies in business administration. This program was hosted by 5 universities in the Netherlands, the USA, Mexico, Brazil and China. I found my first job place at Krtsanisi commercial bank. I was a third-year student at Tbilisi State University. Irakli Kovzanadze was my teacher. Later, this bank merged with United Georgian Bank. My working career started with probation periods. After a while,  I was employed as a full-timed worker, but this job did not last long, because I was simultaneously working at FM 105 radio station and I had to give up the bank career because of compressed time.

I was content with the first salary. I used to earn 70 Soviet Rubles at the bank and 30 Soviet Rubles at the radio station. Today everybody works somewhere, but in that period the situation was different. Therefore, I used to invite my friends to Khinkali and I could do favor to my friends.

I was concentrated on media management. I was always interested in this field. This is obvious occurrence; the heart leads you to somewhere. However, I was interested in media management only. I think any knowledge in any field is applicable. For example, when Steve Jobs addressed Stanford University graduates, he unveiled the theory of connecting dots. Namely, he was studying cryptography when he was excluded from the college. Then he was taking part in developing Apple scripts. In this theory he was saying that he had received knowledge through connecting these dots. For me, FM 105 radio station was the gateway to this field. Naturally, we had television programs like Team of the Funny and Inventive, but I was always interested in media management.

Media business exists in Georgia, because media outlets operate in print media, online media, TV companies and online radios, but certain media editions obey to business laws.  The idea of creating a humoristic team arose, when we had FM 105 radio station and when we were taking part in Clubs of Funny and Inventive. We realized we could do something good in this field.

Our interest in this arose naturally and we decided to take efforts in this field. Our heart has led us to this field. I like many projects in the Georgian television space, including our projects and others.

I do not visit my job place in the same time every day. Everything depends on the time of my meeting with someone. My job is like one of screenwriter, who is to come and leave in certain period. This signifies my job is not confined with the same working hours.

If there is any field, where I would never work – I have not thought of this. In practice, people can follow their aspirations in any field.

Reading book is a part of the intimate life like all other things. You communicate with a book through your inner world. Therefore, I would not dare to give advices about reading this or that book. I can give similar advices to my friends as I know their specific needs and I think my advice would assist them in something. Who am I to advise young people which book to read? I love travelling. For example, I have lived in the USA and I think the USA is my second homeland. Football is my favorite sport.

National Football Team of Brazil is my favorite team.