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Culture of Service in Adjara – Results of Research

A preparation for a new season has already begun in the Black Sea region of Adjara; within this process, a research of the already ended season was conducted – in particular, participants of the research under the guise of ordinary citizens checked quality of services at restaurants and hotels of the tourist region.

Results of the research were quite interesting – there were no claims to a quality of food while in all the rest serious problems were revealed.

In particular, there were big complaints to work of waitresses who hardly communicate with clients, some of  them are not able to coherently explain the details connected with these or those dishes, moreover, they don’t even try to do it.

Less claims were to appearance of the personnel, a large number of obvious violations of standards of hygiene and purity were not registered either. The personnel of objects of a public catering are generallykind to clients; – this positive assessment concerns both managers and waitresses.

Also, there were no special claims to quality of dishes.

A reception of guests is generally positively assessed, but farewell with clients had  a negative assessment . Clients are seen off quite indifferently and even not invited to come or arrive once again.

Besides, approximately 30% of waiters had no badges with their names.

The research was conducted by the Department of Tourism of Adjara to reveal  the main problems in travel business and develop  measures for their maximum solution  before a summer season of 2014-2015.

According to the Department, similar researches are of great importance taking into account an increased flow of tourists in Adjara in 2014.

In particular, during this season the number of the tourists who visited the Black Sea region of Georgia reached record indicators. According to hotel business, Adjara was visited by 383 000 tourists in the summer, while  real figures  are much higher if to consider  that  not all visitors stay at hotels.

In January-September 2014,  hotels occupancy made 48% that is 10% more than during the similar period of 2013. In September this indicator will make 39% that for 7.5% more than in September of2013.

According to statistics, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia and Poland are among the leaders in the number of tourists. In percentage terms, the most notable increase was in the number of tourists from Armenia (36.6%), Azerbaijan (29%), Russia (25, 7%), and Ukraine (14, 3%).