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Video Platform Enters Georgia with New Advertising Opportunities

IMedia Hub communications agency has obtained exclusive rights Coub.com for providing internet advertisements and marketing services.

Coub video service is a platform for creating 10-second cycled videos (coubs). More than 10 000 coubs are created every day on various themes, including Internet memes and reactions to the global developments and scientific events, technologies, art and design. Key characteristics of Coup is a fast dissemination and high coefficient of involvement.

“Over the past years the audience of our services in Georgia has doubled”, Sasha Aleksandrova, head of Coub advertising department, noted.

Therefore, we have mulled over monetization opportunities on Georgian market, even more so internet advertising rapidly grows in the region. We have much expectation for partnership with iMedia Hub”.

We remind you that iMedia Hub was created a year ago. The agency will introduce several interesting and new products on the market, the agency director Ilo Ghlonti said. We hope Coub will occupy a special place in our list, he added.

Coub.com is very popular in Georgia and starting today companies are able to place banner Ads on Coub, order video clips to the agency. They will be also able to develop customized websites and implement partner and editorial projects.