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Cosmetic Products Made by “Lugela” Water in Samegrelo

Production of Cosmetic products made by Mineral medical water “Lugela” will start soon. In the factory, they will produce face cream first, however in the future, they are planning to produce tear drops, anti-pyrotic cream, spray and after shave creams.

The regional representative of company Anaklia Group, Irakli Tsifuria declared that in the nearest future, they will only produce “Lugela” cream but in 2018-2019, the company will produce other cosmetics too. They will build two more factories to produce more commodities. The amount of investment is still unclear. The construction of factory is over and they are waiting to get ISO certificate.

Medical water Lugela is unique water not only in Georgia, but in the world. It is liquid calcium which is unique in the world.

The company plans to sell its product on Georgian market first but it is going to export it abroad as well. Anaklia group wants to enter markers such as: Ukraine, Iran, European Union and China.