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Continent Cron Palace: There is a Sufficient Number of Hotels of all Segments in Georgia

 An interview with  General Manager of Continent Cron Palace Maya Makhatadze

Poor service and high prices are named the main problem of Georgian hotel business as well as the lack of middle class hotels designed for mass tourists. Do you agree with this assessment?

Georgia has more than enough hotels  for all segments. As for the quality of services, the problems in this area are caused by several factors, including  the wrong selection of personnel, personnel instability, and insufficient personnel training in terms of professional development.

How effective is  PR campaign advertising the tourist potential of Georgia at the international level?

Hotels are generally advertised  by  tour operators, because the hotels do not have sufficient resources to present themselves abroad. Hotels can successfully advertise themselves on the Internet, in the international hotel reservation systems that advertise  hotels to make them  more popular in the international market.

There are other factors, in particular, the events occurring in the country are necessarily reflected in hotel occupancy. It is also necessary to develop the corporate segment – a trip of foreign delegations, business forums, conferences and seminars.

What are the main criteria for choosing the hotels?

The past years have shown that one of the conditions is safety, which should be ensured at the level of world standards. Guests should be sure that their safety  will be well protected. That is why the visitors choose hotels with great attention.

What should the management of the hotel do to attract the maximum possible number of visitors? For example, what do you do in order to develop your hotel?

Our hotel started to work in 2014. In the first phase, many foreign companies have refused to cooperate with us thinking  that in Georgia the hotel, which is not a member of the global brand, cannot be of the same high quality. This is a big barrier for attracting investment.

Later, we started a successful cooperation with  “Continent” network and in 2015 became part of the network.  This means that we meet the highest standards of  this brand.

The tourist department helped us a lot, and as a result we were able to bring a world hotel brand in  Georgia. This caused an increase in confidence to our hotel from both our partners and customers.

Innovation, simplified procedures, and the image of the network – that’s our top priority.

Our hotel is designed for all categories of customers – family, business, newlyweds, etc.

In addition, thanks to interior and exterior design, our guests can feel at home.

We try a foreigner staying in our  hotel  to feel the spirit of Georgia. For this purpose we  create a Georgian terrace, where one can taste the wines,  we have a kitchen where everyone can cook  shashlik.

We have ancient artifacts donated by farmers from various regions of Georgia, in particular, the pitcher of the 18th century, and more.

We also conduct tours throughout Georgia tourists learn more about the country.

In 2015, number of  our clients has increased by 70-100% compared to the same period in 2014. We realize the role of tourism in the development of the Georgian economy and, therefore, are trying as much as possible to fulfill our mission.