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Construction of “Hilton” Hotel in Tbilisi on the Verge of Breaking Down

Hilton Garden Inn brand’s project could break down and will no longer be built. Construction has been halted for more than 2 months. 

The reason is a confrontation between the construction company “Redix” and residents. At this stage, the parties areattempting to resolve the issue through the court. Residents living in the area adjacent to the construction accuse “Redix” in appropriating theterritory owned by them. The company, in turn,accuses the residents of disrupting the construction.

“Redix” founder Lasha Papashvili states “Commersant”  that if the court’s decision is not known in time, the project could break down. As for the deadline  of the end of construction, it should be completed by the end of 2016. In total USD 60 million have been invested in the 14-story hotel project.

The confrontation between the residents and the construction company began a few months ago. Supervision Service of Tbilisi City Hall made a decision to dismantle the fence and imposed a fine of GEL8 thousand on the company.

Commersant was told at Tbilisi City Hall that the company had already paid the fine and the suspension of construction was not associated with  their decision. After protest from residents and a fine imposed by the City Hall, a complaint was filed to the court by the company.