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Hilton Hotel Tbilisi

Construction of Hilton Hotel Breaks Grounds

Construction of Hilton hotel has started in Tbilisi.

The Prime Minster addressed the guests and signed a memorandum and took part in the ceremony of putting symbol capsule in the foundation.

The Prime Minster stressed the growing dynamics in tourism sector and pointed out that the new hotel will host not only the capital city visitors, but it will also bring benefits to the country and each citizen.

“First of all, I would like to tell our citizens that the growing economy and the existing dynamics in our country, naturally, will improve their economic conditions and they will be able to stay at the hotel. And there will be also a lot of and important side effects, including thousands of tourists will stay at the hotel. As a result, demand for agriculture products will grow and, consequently, village residents will be employed. Moreover, transport sector will be also developed further.

Demand will grow for consumer products in the trading sector and naturally, a lot of new products will be sold at small stores or shopping malls … All these factors will improve the living conditions of our citizens.

Several hundreds of our citizens will be employed at part of the construction works and later they will be have permanent job at the hotel. Therefore, construction of this hotel will bring real benefits”, the Prime Minister said.

The Government chairman expressed gratitude to Granat-Investment for making investments in Georgia and wished success in future plans.

“I would like to express my gratitude to Granat-Investment for these very important investments, Dimitri Abdushelishvili, Merab Chikhradze and your team, as well as to your contractor companies. I would like to note that these people implement important investment projects in other regions of Georgia too, including the construction of hotel in Bakuriani.

Moreover, Dimitri was one of the firsts, who offered assistance after conflagration in woodland restoration. His participation in Anaklia seaport is also very important. Economy stays on similar persons and such investors. Similar hotels will bring real benefits, to not only tourists in specific moment, but also to the whole country and our population.

That’s why today’s event is of special importance and naturally, all of us are happy for beautified Tbilisi. Thank you very much. I congratulate you and I am happy that finally the investor has appeared, who will add similar beautiful building to our capital city, in the place of former Agriculture Ministry building. Construction works will end in two years and this signifies that the hotel will be put into exploitation by 2020. Thank you”, the Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili said.

Construction of a 5-star hotel at Kostava Street N41 will end in 2019 and will launch operation in 2020. Granat-investment will invest 45 million EUR in the project. BBC will be a key contractor development company for Hilton Tbilisi, while the construction process management will be carried out by BHP company.

At this stage, the project has already created 150 new job places and about 500 citizens of Georgia will be employed in general.