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Eco Green city

Construction of $700 million Eco Green City Has Started

Gino Green City corporation together with Partnership Fund starts construction of Eco Gren City. Project The project implies construction of recreational facilities, hotels , shopping and residential buildings at Tbilisi Sea area.

Gino Green City  is one of the large-scale projects on the Tbilisi Sea coast, with the surrounding area of coniferous forest, where the percentage of oxygen in the air is very high. In 2017 the construction of the first renovated infrastructural residential complex– a business class multifunctional apart-hotel “Resort”, will be finished. Environmentally friendly construction materials used in the building, will allow residents to use green energy.

Gino Green Corporation was founded by Slovakian Gino Invest, the total investment amount is $700 million. Export finance bank of Slovakia also plans to allocate money in it.