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Construction Of Golf Courses to Complete in Autumn

Lower Kartli NGO, Sida organized an information-consultation business meeting with the representatives of lower Kartli business. They discussed the perspectives of improvements in the field of economy and were introduced to different government programs for the development of agriculture. The governor of Low Kartli, Paata Khizanishvili gave an interview about the topic to Businesscontract.

One of the main topics at the meeting was agriculture. What’s the current situation in the field of agriculture in the region and what are the challenges and obstacles?

During past 2 years, Lower Kartli has been very active. People planned and implemented projects and when people do that, they have to have some trust towards local government. If we look at the data from past 2 years, we can see that there are up to 2000 projects which we implemented. There have been 50 million GEL invested for local and state programs in 2015-2016. The projects were basically about the development of infrastructure, constructing water supplies, canalization, kindergartens.

What is the main interest of private investments?

Local investments which were implemented amounted to 130 million GEL. These were basically small projects. However, Primera Golf Project was one of the major projects and the first part of construction will be completed in 2017. The construction of Golf courses will be finished by autumn. It will be connected to the central highway by 700-meters-long way. Foreign investors are going to invest 70 million GEL because its a big project and they are going to construct a Golf city. Most of investors are Spanish and Estonians.