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Commercial Gas Price still Hiked

The hiked rate has been in force, however,  the  gas distribution company is holding consultations with the National  Energy Regulatory Commission and the Government regarding  the gas tariff.
Deputy Energy Minister Mariam Valishvili explains that in Tbilisi the commercial gas price hike decision is valid at this moment.

However, Deputy Minister states  “Commersant” that this situation may change. It is about “SOCAR’s” decision to hike  price from GEL 0.75 to GEL 0.90 per cubic meter which came into force on 1 March.

“SOCAR” sent an official notification to organizations about a new tariff one month ago. However, after the government’s negative reaction, it was reported about the consultations between the government and the company.

The company still has no answer for business based on what tariff they  should plan their  activity in the coming months.

The Deputy Minister says the company continues to consult with the government and the regulatory commission and if the decision changes, the new gas tariff will be announced.

“KazTransGas Tbilisi”, which is engaged in distribution of  gas to  the Tbilisi-based organizations,  says nothing   specific regarding the consultations.

The company simply says  that consultations on this subject are underway.

Due to lack of information, business companies which  have already received information about the gas tax increase are also  in  uncertainty  and painfully perceived this change.
Malkhaz Dolidze, Chairman of Bread Producers  Union,  notes that the government’s and KazTransGas’ statements about the rising cost of gas will not affect customers are  wrong, because companies will have to raise the cost  of the product that will surely  harm  consumers.

Commercial gas price hike may increase cost of  products and various services. “Commersant” was told at one of the private schools  that  the increased  cost of gas has  not yet caused an increase in tuition fees, however, they  add that this cost may still be revised.

Gia Bidzinashvili , a  founder of the dairy products company “MilkoFood”,  says that the company is doing everything using  in-house resources to maintain  the price of the product.

Ivane Machavariani,  Director of the restaurant chain “Taghlaura”,  does not exclude the price increase as well. He says that in light of the increased taxes, everything is getting more expensive.

Businessman Lasha Papashvili commented on a commercial gas price hike in a conversation with  “Commersant”.

“We are  talking about a gas price increase for some reason and discussions on this subject  do not stop. Businesses will not allow gas price to rise when the energy carriers are getting cheaper worldwide, “- says Papashvili.