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UpComing Gated Community Krtsanisi Residence

Urban Development collaboratively with Cushman & Wakefield | Veritas Brown have reached and signed a beneficial long-term agreement on an exclusive base for the upcoming Krtsanisi Residence development.

The project is spread over 26, 000 Square meters in Krtsanisi Residential Area. The address was particularly selected for its incomparable combination of geographical location and climate zones. The development comprises limited number of exquisitely designed community that incorporates Town Houses, Lofts and Villas with magnificent modern exterior. The project is scheduled to be completed in May 2017.

While capturing the premium, ecologically friendly, secured and private environment the development is just in 3 minutes drive from the Old City. The Krtsanisi Residence is surrounded by Diplomatic Corps (Embassies of Switzerland, Japan, France, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Lithuania and Germany) that additionally guarantees high level of safety, security and privacy to the community residents.

Technologically it is above the level in every detail and meets all the international standards that are guaranteed by the internationally and locally revered names that are contracted to secure all the important sectors of the development.

“We believe that the Krtsanisi Residence will provide more than just services and amenities, that is an atmosphere that inspires. We are committed to create the unprecedented residential opportunity that will reflect all international standards.

Market research and our experience have revealed that there is big demand for modern residential community and we believe that our combination of unique architecture, amenities and exceptional service standards will satisfy the needs of the buyer. To secure all the important sectors of the development we have approached internationally well known names in their respective fields. The Krtsanisi Residence will feature the latest technological advances and the highest level of design, for this purpose we have approached Henning Larsen Architects who is the international architectural company with the strong background. Our goal was to create vibrant, sustainable buildings that reach beyond themselves.

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Henning Larsen Architects is behind the design of numerous visionary and distinctive projects. This is reflected in many prestigious and international awards received by the office through decades. They have developed the concept and architectural design of the project and created environmentally friendly, energy efficient solution, that characterizes our project by a high degree of social responsibility.

An apartment interior is open to the outdoors that allows natural light to come in the rooms. The ceiling height is adding value to our project, the higher the better that is why we decided it to keep it 3,22 Meters high. Additionally, Krtsanisi project has the open space planning that adds sense of elegance to the development. Good architecture retains the value, so when it comes to the residences we believe that there is no better place than Krtsanisi Residence” Giorgi Arveladze, Managing Partner at Urban Development.

Speaking about sustainable architecture and going green, nowadays, is all about finding alternative solutions to decades-old problems. Such advances aren’t always obvious to the naked eye, however, many modern buildings are full of exciting innovations that make them far friendlier to nature than their predecessors. Whether they add green space into our urban or power up using renewable energy, structures designed with sustainability in mind are becoming more common around the world and now in Georgia.

“The location of the asset is ideal, Krtsanisi is now becoming a new heartbeat of the city with its location, surrounded by ecologically friendly, secure and private environment. The Krtsanisi Residence is our first ambitious project. We are creating family-friendly community, which will be the best place for socializing and interaction. Moreover, big squares and multiple amenities will bring old Tbilisi culture back in to the modern gated community. In this regards, our idea was to create the high-level expectation in every detail.

The environment is changing for the worse due to our masses of energy consumption; however, we still need more buildings for businesses and residences with our expanding population. That is the reason why it is important to develop more eco-friendly atmosphere. Initially, our concept has been built around this idea, so we created an energy efficient, eco-friendly gated community. Correspondingly, we recommend new investments to be drown into eco-friendly buildings. In the fast-expanding city where majority of districts are highly polluted, we are constructing a beneficial and non-harmful to the environment, resource efficient project.” David Kvirikadze, Managing Partner at Urban Development

Life in Krtsanisi Residence will offer exceptional residential and ownership experience. Residents will be assisted by attentive and discreet staff that are intensely aware of all unique preferences and will perfectly anticipate every day needs. Besides, the project benefits form extraordinary services such as concierge, security 24/7, handy man, gardener and cleaning service. As for amenities the development will feature meeting room/business lounge gym and sauna, parking, open playground for kids and outdoor fitness equipment.

“We believe that the exclusive service belongs to the exclusive home. Your Residence becomes an extension of your own highly refined world. Knowing that your Residence will be impeccably managed gives you a total ease and freedom. In Krtsanisi Residence we are not buying an apartment we are buying a community”. Giorgi Arveladze, Managing Partner at Urban Development

“One of the most prestigious and promising real estate project” – this is how Krtsanisi Residence is defined. Opinions toward the project are actively shared within the society and industry professionals in a way of interests and growing demand to live in the ecologically healthy environment with close proximity to downtown and qualities that time does not change such as the location. Considering these views and architectural uniqueness Krtsanisi Residence is indeed the most desirable projects in the city.