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Co-Investment Fund Names Presumable Reason behind Workers’ Slip from Panorama Tbilisi Structure

Nothing threatens to the lives of three workers, who fell down from the Panorama Tbilisi structure, the Co-investment Fund representatives noted.

“On April 16 three workers were damaged at the hotel construction site near Freedom Square… The life of all of them is safe. Presumable reason of this incident was that the rope and the basket interlaced with the barrier. As a result, the rope was overstretched and was abrupted. The works were performed by LLC Energy Plus and this company bears full responsibility for the safety norms, under the agreement.
First medical aid appeared immediately and doctors transported two damaged workers to Amtel Hospital and the third one was hospitalized at Ingorokva University Clinic, the statement by Co-Investment Fund noted.

The statement also responds to the information spread in media agencies:
“The Courier TV program of Rustavi 2 Tv channel spread several erroneous news regarding Panorama Tbilisi and three damaged workers.
According to Rustavi 2 TV company, the representatives of the Labor Inspection Service managed to enter the construction site thanks to efforts of civil activities and this is misinformation, because representatives the Labor Safety Inspection entered the site without problems, as well as law enforcers, representatives of first medical aid, Ministry of Economy.

According to the TV company, construction works are fulfilled by GTDF Solution company, but this is another misinformation. The works are fulfilled by LLC Energy Plus by order of LLC Tbilisi City. Under the agreement, LLC Energy Plus was obliged to protect construction standards and norms and a corresponding staff was allocated to this end. This is an independent contractor with no relations with LLC GTDF Solution or Tourism Development Foundation of Georgia.

According to Rustavi 2 TV company, workers were heavily damaged and this is misinformation. According to Besik Tsivtsitavdze, head of Amtel Hospital’s neurosurgical department, the damaged workers were found with light brain concussion. No damage of internal organs is seen and at this stage conservative treatment is carried out. The patients will be released to their homes today to continue outpatient treatment course”, the statement reads.
We remind you that the Labor Safety Inspection has taken decisi