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Clubhouse Turned into a Growing Business

Cory Greenberg arrived in Georgia in 2011 from U.S. Moving to Tbilisi After two years of volunteering in Gardabani, he had no intention that clubhouse in a hidden spot would happen to turn into an international, diverse place where locals,tourists or immigrants from around the world would gather every night.That’s how it established as a bar. In 2016 there was already a need of opening a new,larger bar where the space would be enough for growing customers. CBW had an interview with Dive and DivexFabrika owner-Cory Greenberg.

Please tell us a little bit of your background, what was your purpose coming to Georgia?

I originally came to Georgia in 2011 as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  I lived in Gardabani for two years helping public school number one increase its English language teaching capacity.

Did you have any expectations of starting a business?

DIVE originally started as a clubhouse for a group of friends in the Summer of 2013.  We had no plans to be a real business.  Just a fun place for us and our friends to enjoy cold beers during a hot summer.

Do the result and your intention initially match?

No,we had no initial plan for a long term business.  But quickly, during the first summer we notice that people we didn’t know were coming, and they were bringing their friends, and by the end of the summer we had a burgeoning business with diverse clientele.

What do you like most about being a bar owner?

That I have been able to create a space that people have adopted as their community.  Every night we have Americans and Iranians and Russians and Ukrainians, Georgians and Armenians and Turks.  DIVE isn’t just a bar, it’s a community or family or culture.  Creating this kind of space is what I like most.

How do you go about marketing your business, and what has been the most successful form of marketing for you?

We don’t do advertising, or marketing.  The hard to find, hidden nature of DIVE is part of its allure.  

Describe Dive bar and its customers?

International.  Progressive.  Open minded.  Multilingual.

What are the challenges you encounter? How do you handle?

The challenges we face are related to old infrastructure in the city

What is your most-popular selling drink? Do you sell any imported drinks?

Our wide selection of local craft beers are our most popular drinks.  We are proud to be among, if not the, originators of craft beer in Georgia.  We have worked with only small georgian breweries from day one, never with the large brewing conglomerates.

What are your plans for the future,should we expect Dive3?

In 2018, keep an eye out for DIVE 3, and DIVE Media.  After that maybe DIVExYerevan or DIVExSarajevo.

Thank you for sharing your experience!

By Nina Gomarteli

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