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Club Underwheel – various choice of parties and entertainment

Are you planning exhibition? Club „Underwheel“ is ready to be your host. Do you have plans for festival or concert? Then „Underwheel“ is ready to help you in this case as well. If you are getting ready for wedding, feel happy and want to share these feelings with others, „Underwheel“ is exactly the place, where you can manage this. They will help you with private or corporative parties as well.

You can find here beautiful interior, pleasant, attentive and constantly smiling stuff, which is ready to make real your ideas and satisfy the taste of the most pretentious guest.

You will find the hospitality tradition, which is at the highest level in here. Everyone has constant smile on their faces around you and are ready to make invisible visible for you. But don’t think that this smile and constant readiness is only the part of etiquette or marketing strategy, because benignity and respect for the guest is natural condition in here.

„Underwheel“ gives you a wide range of choice. Along with the delicious Georgian traditional dishes, in the menu you can find almost all the famous dishes of the world cuisine. There’s also a big choice of drinks.

„Underwheel“ is special for its location as well. It’s located on Mtatsminda 770 meters from sea… the beautiful views of Tbilisi will leave on you and your guests the indelible impression.

From „Underwheel“ you can see the most magnificent views of Tbilisi, with all its beauty. There, thanks to verandah, which is the extra attractiveness of the club, without help of any Drones, you will be able to see the whole city from the above. At any time of year you can find yourself here in the most gorgeous, comfortable and favorable atmosphere.

Club „Underwheel“ is located under the highest Ferris wheel in Tbilisi, on 1200 square meter. It’s the part of “Mtatsminda Park”. In case of desire, it’s possible to have fun in the various places, which is also located in the park. This place is recognized as one of the best places for entertainment, where you can find fantastic environment, clean air, unique landscapes, beautiful views and modern attractions, where you can relax, rest and enjoy your time with your friends.

“Mtatsminda Park” is the highest point of Tbilisi. Its history counts more than 100 years and the space counts more than 100 hectares as well. The park is divided into three spaces: extreme, children and family zones. Besides the attractions there in the park are cafes, restaurants, shops, relaxation zones, celebration centers and even the marriage house.

You can get to the park with the road (Tbilisi-Okrokana), also with the funicular, which was made in 1905 year and is recognized as one of the historic landmarks of the city. So, the choice is wide and attractive, „Underwheel“ is the club and not just a club with offers, choices and location.