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ChirChkhela to Release its Production in Two Weeks

Founded  a week ago the company “ChirChkhela” will release the Georgian dried fruit and vegetable in two weeks. Company founder Guri Salukvadze says in his interview with  Commersant that the company has already released the first test products which will be  gradually sold on the local market.

He notes  that initially the products will be sold in big retail chains while in the future it is planned to open a brand store.


In Salukvadze’s words,  the company “ChirChkhela” producesseveral kinds of dried fruit, including pineapple, peach, kiwi, dates, melons, feijoa dried fruit. It is also planned to release dried vegetables : marrow, eggplant, Bulgarian pepper, tomato.

At the statge the company buys raw materials but wants  to build its own farming where the necessary raw materials will be grown.


Salukvadze doesn’t specify  the investment amount, however, notes  that the company  is going to participate in government programs.