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Dimitry Kumsishvili

Chinese Shipping Holding Expands its Activity in Georgia

China Shipping (Europe) Holding, which is represented in more than 180 Sea Ports of the world via 80 local and international routes including Georgia, is ready to expand its activities.

Company considers foreign trade between Georgia and Asian countries, as well as Georgia and Black Sea Countries to become more intensive. As a result, marine transportation services will meet the higher standards.

Increase of Georgian transpiration corridor’s competitiveness has been the aim of the meeting between Dimitri Kumsishvili, minister of Economy and Sustainable Development and Liu Chong, director of China Shipping Europe Holding.

According to Dimistri Kumsishvili, inter-government session of Georgia-China is scheduled by December 9-10 in China, however the issue of cargo pass through via Georgian transportation corridor from China will be discussed.

The minister focused attention on the “Silk Road Forum” held in Tbilisi and first container train entrance in Georgia.

Kumsishvili declared, that the throughput of Georgian transit corridor will be significantly increased  as a result of these projects.