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Chinese company “Sinohydro Corporation Limited“ was exposed for property rights violation by “Young Barristers”

Chinese Company “Sinohydro Corporation Limited“ was Exposed for Property Rights Violation by “Young Barristers”

In February 1st, a suit case was registered in Tbilisi City Court against Chinese company „Sinohydro Corporation Limited“.

Georgian citizens accuse company to use their agricultural lands and get inert substances from it without any permission and compensation. A claim will be considered by 37 years old IvaneAghniashvili, who was appointed as a judge by High Council of Justice of Georgia in 2016. One more litigant on this case is Road Department of Georgia, which proclaimed 8 international tender, all of them won by company mentioned above. Today this company works on the following infrastructural projects: Agara-Upper Osiauri; Ruisi-Agara highway; Batumi bypass road; Dzirula-Kharagauli-Moliti-Phona-Chumateletiroad; Batumi-Akhaltsikhe road, Khulo-Zarzma road development; Kobuleti bypass road; Samtredia-Grigoletiand Upper Osiauri-Chumateleti sections.

Head of“Young Barristers”(a well-known Georgian organization) ArchilKaikatsishvili, who prepared suit and brought into court, says, that organization makes a research, which will reveal the facts of occupation worldwide carried out by Sinohydro Corporation Limited, concerning tenders transparency, environmental standards and property owners’ rights. Archil Kaikatsishvili talks about possibilities of corruption during agreements. He says, that company offers low prices for infrastructural projects, but after the winning of tenders, it changes agreements and tries to get far more millions on behalf of company. “Young Barristers” say, that Chinese company cooperates with Government to win infrastructural tenders. After the registration of suit, a company’s lawyer Badri Ghaghaishvili refused accusations and said, that company doesn’t violates laws. Also Giorgi Seturidze, Head of Road Department of Georgia made a comments and partially agreed with “Young Barristers’” opinions.

As concerns a suit, court considers MakvalaJafaridze’s case, who’s property right was violated during construction of Kobuleti bypass road. “Sinohydro Corporation Limited” used an applicants agricultural land, took inert substances from it and that’s why this land became worthless for cultivation. MakvalaJafaridze repeatedly tried to protect her property rights and had communications with Road Department of Georgia and Sinohydro Corp. In this process, Mrs. Jafaridze stayed beyond attention. Road Department didn’t satisfied the requirement about compensation and that’s why MakvalaJafaridzes had to brought the suit into court. During the process of investigation, organization confirmed, that 6000 m2 agricultural land is under Mrs. Jafaridze’s possession. Company and Roads Department, both remark, that during construction, Mrs. Jafaridze’s land was applied, but she still stays without any compensation.

“Young Barristers” will publish report about occupations of „Sinohydro Corporation Limited“ in March, 2018 and court has 6 month term under law to make decision.