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Cherie to Release a New Line of Coffee

Georgian coffee company Cherie plans to release  soluble coffee.

They say in the company that  demand exists  mainly on cheap coffee. According to the company’s Director Irakli Lomtatidze, the company has been working in the cheap  segment  since the beginning of the year  and it  turned out that cheap coffee accounts for  60 percent of total sales. In his words, due to this trend,  in parallel with  packaged coffee, the company also  produces relatively cheap coffee sold by weight .When asked by CBW whether the company plans to withdraw from the expensive segment, Lomtatidze notes  the company aims to cover all price segments.

The company’s coffee Cherie is exported  to  Turkmenistan, where 1 ton of products has been exported, one week ago about the same amount of coffee entered the Russian market. It is also planned to enter the Asian market, for this purpose  active negotiations are underway with Kazakhstan. In the words of Director of the company,  the lari  falling had no impact either  on  sales or  price.

Cherie is going to release  a new line  of soluble coffee by the end of the year. Cherie factory  located in Lilo settlement  is the largest coffee company in Georgia in which 4.5 million worth investments were made. Cherie at this stage  produces 4 types of coffee.