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Changing the Name, “Aldagi” Plans to Win a Positive Reputation

“Aldagi” confirms the company’s reorganization and says that from now on the company’s activity  will be distributed among specific companies. In particular, “Imedi L” company will work in health insurance field and the medical corporation “Evex”will provide medical services. As for the life and property insurance, the insurance company “Aldagi”will operate in this field.

“As a result of the reorganization, the health insurance line will be presented under ” Imedi  L” brand, which was acquired  by “Aldagi ” in May 2012. The return of “Imedi L” brand to  the  health insurance business was caused by  its positive reputation and high awareness. Rebranding was  also carried out in the medical services business, which includes “My family” clinic (794 beds), and “Unimed” (1 143 beds). These clinics will work under  the name of the medical corporation “Evex”  which  unites 36 clinics across the country. The medical corporation “Evex” is a brand independent  from “Aldagi” and “Imedi L”, – the company states.

“Aldagi” explains that as a result of the reorganization,  the health care business has been established in the Georgian  market as well as  the life and property insurance business.