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“Center Point” Founder Establishes Investment Fund

The new investment fund engaged in construction activity  will appear on the Georgian market in the next few days. The fund is going to be set up by a businesswoman Maya Rcheulisvili.

The founders will offer investors free land assets and will co-financee  the counstruction, after which the shares will be distributed equally – 50%- 50%.

Maya Rcheulishvili speaks about free land assets worth  $ 20-22 million  where  the construction has already started. Rcheulisvili  will attract  the investor to finish the construction.

As for the mechanism of work, in Rcheulishvili’s words,  the tender will be announced for  each project and the company will put up  lots.

The first  agreement will be signed with “Gino Paradise” owner Nodar Giorgadze this week.

Maya Rcheulishvilis explains that the idea of ​​creating her own investment fund came after she became  convinced that dealing  with the Georgian banks is  disadvantageous. The businesswoman points out that the banks themselves are interested in the construction business, so they are trying to hinder her business.

In her words, many  businessmen have already showed  their interest  in the initiative and  investing in the construction field, namely, Georgian Jews are going to invest money.