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CBW Business Media Group to Issue Real Estate & Infrastructure Magazine in January

The Real Estate & Infrastructure, a new magazine on the Georgian real estate and infrastructure topics, will be introduced to the  Georgian market in the near future. The magazine will be issued by the Caucasus Business Week (CBW) business media group.

The Real Estate & Infrastructure English-language magazine will be published starting January 2017.

We decided to enter the new market segment, because corresponding demand has risen in the business sector and audience. It is necessary to satisfy this demand and provide adequate answers to existing questions. The magazine will be issued twice a year with 6 000-6 000 circulation each, David Baghashvili, the CBW media group marketer and the Real Estate & Infrastructure project manger, noted.

“We frequently receive requests from our audience to provide comprehensive information on real estate realities in Georgia, about which market player is reliable and which not. Consequently, we have seen  the real demand on the market, but the current resource could not satisfy this demand. Therefore, we decided to develop this direction and issue a new magazine,  an only edition in this market segment.  All major companies and investors note that market lacks for high-quality editions and it is timely to issue this magazine.

The magazine will not publish only advertising materials. It will also cover information-analytical issues. We have decided to make a good image-building edition. The idea has justified. Our editorial policy turned out acceptable for everybody and development companies have approved it very much”, David Baghashvili noted.

The magazine will be distributed free of charge through the CBW distribution network.

“The Real Estate &Infrastructure will be supplied to all target audiences, including top class hotels, VIP departments of airports, business chambers, diplomatic corps and business sector. Moreover, our edition will also reach real estate and infrastructure companies. Because of importance of the magazine, high-ranking officials of the Georgian Authorities will receive and read the Real Estate & Infrastructure”, the project manager noted.

The magazine with 100 pages will be issued twice a year.

“The magazine will satisfy high-quality standards. Naturally, low quality cannot work on this direction. The Real estate & Infrastructure will have a very good design and high-quality paper. We also give priority importance to the content of the edition. We cooperate with very good and experienced companies and we must satisfy highest-quality standards. It should be noted initially we planned to issue a 60-page magazine, but following the current demand, we decided to issue 80-100 page magazine”, David Baghashvili said.