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Anamaria Bobokhidze

Carry – International Shipping Company Entrance into Market is Natural Process without Artificial Efforts

Interview with Anamaria Bobokhidze, Head of Carry international shipping company.

When was your company established? What is the scope and key direction of your activities?

We founded the company jointly with Latvian partners in 2016. The company head office is located in Tbilisi, Georgia. Key objective of the company establishment was to popularize products made in Georgia and boost exports volume. At this stage, we are taking efforts to take roots on the market through shipping business. However, we have other serious plans and I will unveil them in details later.

The team of professionals of Carry company provides a full package of transportation services, including trade-expedition services, international sea and air freight, railage, land transit. We enable our clients to carry out import and export operations of any products without visiting our office. However, this business is not our key direction. We have many other plans for the future and we will not be oriented only on transportation services.

 How much was the foundation investment and have you borrowed this capital or put your own capital?

We have put significant investments in the company. Each partner has invested their own personal capitals. At this stage, the company does not have loan liabilities, however, we plan to draw additional investments for the service expansion in the future.

 Why have you decided to take efforts in transportation-shipping business? Is it attractive and profitable?

Transportation business is genuinely profitable business, and interesting, at the same time. We learn new things every day. At the same time, it is much adrenaline to offer the best price to the clients on specific direction and perform the assumed obligations excellently.

Which directions have you prioritized and why?

Our company operates all over the world, but we offer the best conditions for sea container freight from China. A major part of Armenia’s cargoes enter the Poti and Batumi seaports. Therefore, We have prioritized this direction. We offer best tariffs on the market in this direction. We can mobilize any quantity of trucks.

What are the nearest plans of the company?

The nearest plans of the company include the trade network expansion in the Georgia-Azerbaijan and Armenia-Georgia directions. We are developing the project to export Georgian products to the neighboring countries and offer desirable products at desirable prices, ensure exports of Georgian products. Georgian products are less exported to Armenia and Azerbaijan. These countries mainly carry out imports from Europe and Russia. In the future, we plan to provide the following services:

  • Search of desirable products in Georgia
  • Market Analysis, offering the best alternative
  • Quality inspection, sending samples by mail
  • Making orders
  • Monitoring of fulfillment of Contract conditions
  • Registration of a brand
  • Rebranding
  • Tackling a number of issues with problematic suppliers
  • Preparing cargo documentation and monitoring of loading
  • Further transportation

For those, who want to pay business visits to Tbilisi, we will provide the following services:

  • Planning visits;
  • Providing consultations and assistance in preparing visas and other necessary documentation, if necessary;
  • Booking a hotel suite;
  • Meeting at airport;
  • Excursion to enterprises jointly with translators.
  • Attendance at exhibitions jointly with professionals.


How sharp and valuable is the competition in the sector? What is your advantage as compared to your competitor companies?

There is valuable competition in the sector. There are companies that hold comparatively more market ratio, but everything depends on the company size and resources. This process proceeds in natural way and nobody is able to artificially manage them. Consequently, any company is able to enter the market and find a niche on the market.

We do not have direct competitor in the trade mediation field. This is a new field and no company provides similar services yet. There are several organizations that provide the same services for Georgian importers in China. Our advantage is that we have our own transport and contractor drivers. We maximally try not to apply to other transportation companies for assistance, because in similar cases service tariffs reach unreal indicators and it becomes difficult to find the due vehicle.

According to my information, the company business has been insured by  one of the leading insurance companies of Georgia. Would you name your partner insurance company?

 The company responsibility has been insured at Ardi company. We frequently receive offers for hazardous and perishable cargoes. Consequently, we have individual insurance packages on cargoes.