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Car Market Opens at Rukhi Trading Center

Car market has been organized at Rukhi trading center. The territory satisfies modern standards.

Cleaning and security services operate at the facility, which is also equipped by video supervision systems. The territory comprises spaces for exhibiting vehicle spares. Tegeta Motors provides free of charge car test services.

Both domestic and international branded and nonbranded companies have been represented at Rukhi trading center. Retail, wholesale, furniture and equipment stores are represented at the center, as well as building materials hypermarket, Justice Ministry’s public center, facilities for financial and banking services,  post office, pharmacy and so on.

The complex consists of 10 buildings with 10 000 square meter space each. Buildings satisfy top EU standards. The Partnership Fund launched Rukhi trading center construction works in September 2015 and finished in January 2016. The project’s investment value marked 15 million GEL.