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Businessman Kodua Gained the Right to Fly under a Georgian Flag

After six months of waiting, the  businessman George Kodua has  gained  the right to fly  a business jet  under the Georgian flag.

A 5-seater jet will launch private commercial flights in mid-August. In a conversation with CBW, George Kodua  does not rule  he will bring a  12-seat aircraft,  if necessary. The businessman says that  such a  service  for   businessmen did not exist in Georgia, most of the airlines are flying  at low prices,  cancelled business class and added economy class seats. According to him, the company has already negotiated with Radisson hotel which is interested in the service and expressedits  wish for the transportation of casino players from Baku to Tbilisi.

“We’ve  negotiated with ShangriLa  casino as well as  a Kazakh company which owns  the terminal in Batumi, Kodua explains. Businessman Giorgi Kodua will offer business people  private jet service.  Kodua states CBW that Georgia is not a rich country, so he  decided to bring the business-jet adapted  to the local market. According to him, businessmen or any interested persons can fly  on  a 5-seater jet for USD  2 500 per hour. Kodua notes that today  anyone can use the government Challenger aircraft for USD 10 000 per hour.

In his words, the business jet is designed for trip in the regions and  both Azerbaijani and Armenian citizens  express their interest, the calculation is made on the casino-tours and oilmen who held business meetings in the region. Kodua adds that the Business Club is planned to be set up in the future which members will have special cards and will be able to use different services. The business-jet is undergoing various safety procedures and at the end of  the year will start  the flights.