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Business Café Meets up for the 10th Time

Business Café Meets up for the 10th Time

On May 31st, 2017 the 10th meeting of Business Café was held at Tbilisi Marriott Hotel. Entrepreneur, Mr. George Kananashvili spoke about Financial Technologies and Challenges.  

About Business Café:

Business Café is a project initiated by consulting company “Insource” and it has been supported by PASHA Bank since 2015.

Business Café meetings are attended by top managers of large and medium-sized enterprises on regular basis. Each meeting offers a convenient platform for sharing knowledge and experiences as well as discussing the recent trends in various industries and the economy as a whole.

Interesting discussion topics and interactive event format attract the participants and contribute to the rising popularity of the project. As of 2017 two new sponsors have joined the initiative – ACT and Orient Logic.

„Today’s meeting of Business Café was especially interesting considering that the speaker had diverse experience in real estate as well as financial services. His public speaking skills definitely deserve a special mention. I would like to use this opportunity and thank Insource for their responsible and professional attitude towards selecting the moderators. Each meeting has its unique features and subjects for discussion.” –  said Anano Korkia, Head of PR and Marketing Department of PASHA Bank.

Among the speakers and presented topics of previous Business Café meetings were:

–    Lado Gurgenidze, former Prime Minister of Georgia, an executive chairman of the supervisory board of Liberty Bank – “Thoughts about management and leadership”

–    Giorgi Kadagidze, former president of National Bank of Georgia – “Innovation management”

–    Alexander Jejelava,  Minister of Education of Georgia –  „Organizational corporate culture“

–    David Gogichaishvili, general manager of Night Show Studio – „Management of human resources”

–    Andro Dgebuadze, business advisor – ”Management 3.0 or MBA books in mirror”

–    Papuna Toliashvili, founder and managing partner of Synergy Group – „Circular Organizational Structures“

–    Tinatin Rukhadze, Co-founder and General Director at research and consulting company ACT- “Who is the leader of the future?”

–    Guga Tsanava, the businessman and entrepreneur – “Stanford Model of Management”

–    Sascha Ternes, Managing Partner at TERNES Real Estate Fund LLC and former CEO of ProCredit Bank.