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Business Association: We should Protect Our Business Environment

The Business Association of Georgia (BAG) has released a special statement.

Over the past months, the business association of Georgia has been scrupulously supervising the processes that are directed against specific businessmen, specific business fields or specific business and investment projects. Sometimes, these tendencies are of campaign character.

“In these latter days certain accusations are often made against specific companies and businessmen because of their offshore business activities.

We find it necessary to explain that doing business through offshore companies is a completely legal form in not only Georgia, but also in many developed countries; Moreover, in our reality, tax burden on offshore companies, in most cases, are not lower compared to tax burden on domestic companies.

Offshore companies enjoy stronger protection mechanisms, while this aspect was very sensible problems in our country for many years.

We also express our embarrassment concerning the position that a certain part of our society is demonstrating towards specific major business projects, especially, in the cases when confrontational background is created without essential discussions, without taking into account the opinion of experts and specialists of due fields. We also express our concerns over the forms of expression of this position, because these forms give alarming messages to any serious investors who are interested in doing business in our country.

We are sure and the experience of the world’s developed economies also prove that it is impossible to ensure economic welfare of the society, where business and businessmen, investor and investments are subjects and addressees of continuous negative attitude, protests or accusations expressed in various forms and reasons;

At the same time, Georgia is a democratic and lawful country. Therefore, any business activity, any questions related to it or resistance to it must be carried out in compliance with only legislation, under the rule of law, with strict protection of freedom of speech and self-expression.

Business development, economic growth, and welfare of each citizen may be achieved in only legal  space, where it is inadmissible to make legal activities a ground for accusations and unhealthy processes;

All the above-mentioned is especially important and relevant, because in the pre-election period the seduction grows to make populist statements and carry out deliberate campaigns in relation to specific businesses or business fields extremely grows.

It should be also noted that Georgia’s business environment is common for everybody, its healthiness and safety is a main precondition for welfare of each citizen. This is a main source and guarantee of employment of our citizens, their professional development, personal revenues, financing various social projects. 

Even one unreasonable step suffice to inflict irreversible losses to the business environment and many years will be required to improve this damage”, the statement reads.