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British American Tobacco to Pay 90 million GEL Fine

New trial is reported in tobacco industry, namely, in relation to British American Tobacco company. An unprecedented fine of 90 million GEL has been imposed on the company in Georgia.

The mentioned decision was passed by the first instance court magistrate Lado Kakabadze on February 10. According to the existing information, the appeal was submitted by Georgian manufacturer OGT. We have contacted OGT company, but we have not received answer from them.

Georgian representatives of British American Tobacco company abstained from making comments too. We tried to receive information from OGT defense lawyer David Asatiani, but he neither confirmed nor refused the information.

“I would not make any comments. You should apply to OGT. I would not either confirm or refuse. They will make statement themselves”, the defense lawyer noted.

As to the first instance court, namely, Tbilisi City Court. its representatives refrained from making comments. Press Service of Tbilisi City Court noted that the issue is of two private companies and court information cannot be divulged without their consent.

“I cannot say anything, because this was a civil trial between two companies and it is impossible to divulge court information without their consent. The court is not authorized to divulge similar information, because this is proprietory information”, the Tbilisi City Court press service noted.