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Bread Labeling Regulations Change

Bread Labeling Regulations Change

National Food Agency plans to tighten control over fulfilling bread safety and labeling regulations.

Representatives of Ifqli company told the Business Contract that under new regulations, all ingredients of bread must be indicated on the  product label. Namely, if any supplements exceed 5%, the manufacturer must indicate its volume on the label.

“Label must indicate detailed information. Today labeling process is simpler and today we have broader demand”, Ifqli main technologist Gela Kodalashvili said. We have been fulfilling the mentioned regulations more and less and, therefore, manufacturers welcome the changes, he added.

“A competitor company may appear on the market that does not have included this information onto the label. Therefore, we welcome these changes”, Kodalashvili said and added that changes will not affect price. As to bread price perspectives, wheat price has slightly increased, but this factor has not affected the product value yet, Kodalashvili said.