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Brand history – Lushnu

Brand history – Lushnu

Svanetian Salt, which has recently been granted a status of a cultural heritage, has become a business idea for father-son. Their enterprise is located in Mestia. In the near future, the sale of Svaneti salt will begin in both Georgian and foreign markets. It is planned to add other spices.

The idea of establishment – Svanetian Salt “Lushnu” appeared in the retailing network in 2016. Before that, the company had been conducting experiments, and the company had invested 50,000 GEL. It is also important that there were no such products on the market.

Key to success- We produce salt with an ancient tradition and prescription, which gives it a great deal of attractiveness and taste. Most importantly, the quality is first of all.

“I think that our product does not have a competitor on the market today. We produce the best quality salt. We buy ingredients in Mestia from the locals and we make Svanetian salt considering all traditions. The enterprise has the opportunity to produce 30 thousand pounds of salt per day and there is a potential to expand,” said Sandro Gotshaliani, the founder of the company.

According to him, negotiations are underway simultaneously to launch export. All required documentation is sent to several countries in Europe and Asia and are waiting for answers.

The main difficulty in the process of business development – the greatest difficulty is gaining awareness.

The name and logo history – Lushnu means “Svanuri” in Svanetian language. The logo was chosen based on Svanetian mountains.