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Brand History – Luca Polare

The idea of founding company – Ice cream Georgian brand Luca Polare operates on Georgian market since 10 years and offers more than 40 varieties of ice cream to local, as well as foreigners. Luca Polare menu includes – muffins, biscuits, cakes, caramelized roasted almonds, new juices, various fruit and salads.

Luca Polare was a family business at the beginning. German director Simon Gross founded company with his spouse in 2008. Business has been planned in the right direction from the very beginning, which got lucrative at the next stage. Ice cream-parlour first branch was opened on Kote Apkhazi street. Nowadays, there are 7 branches operating in Tbilisi and 1 in Batumi.

‘’We make ice cream based on Italian recipe, using local ingredients. Besides ice cream, we serve the best coffee, which is made in Germany, in long experience enterprise and consists of 8 various types roasted seeds. We also have salads, cakes and sandwiches. Any segment is welcome to our place’’- said at company.

The key to success- high quality product and friendly service which is oriented on demands of customers.They say at the company, that delighted customer is the best advertisement.

The main challenge during the process of establishment- They say at company, that there are a lot of difficulties in business generally, although it’s overcoming, such as competition, GEL devaluation, etc. Also, it’s not easy to find qualified personnel.

The history of name and logo- Luca Polare is 100% Georgian company. Luca is a diminutive word for a bear in Italian. As a result, we got a name- polar bear. Logo was created based on the title of the company. The most delicious ice cream was made in Italy for the first time and it’s connected to our brand’s name.

Why Luca Polare?- Company has many years experience, product is the highest quality, natural and very delicious. They say at the company, that one gets what he pays for.