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Brand History – ’Diogene

The publishing house “Diogene” was established on 24 October 1995 and is one of the first in the history of independent Georgia.

During this time hundreds of various genres were published. Among them are translators of world literature classics and the best works of contemporary writers, Georgian and translated children’s literature, scientific and educational books, editions of XX and XI Century Georgian writers.

The idea of founding – as founder of the company Tamar Lebanidze states, “Diogene” was initially founded by four friends. “At that moment, four of us had very serious issues  to sustain ourselves and our family. Then the main goal was to make money for stable existence. My first publishing project was the first collection of works by Carl Gustav Jung in Georgian, it was a scientific translation. I am a psychologist by profession and I am interested in Jungian psychology. Accordingly, this was a bridge, passing from old profession to a new profession, “Lebanidze said.

The founder of “Diogene” states that after that there was a fiction literature, followed by a textbook project.

Key to a success -Tamar Lebanidze said that the company was objectively successful in the direction of school and university textbooks. According to her, “Diogene” was the leader in the number of new nominations. “We were not leaders in financial terms, but according to innovations -” Lebanidze declared.

“Diogene” had its own store, which existed in the pure image. The library of “Diogene” was successful, as well as the publication of well-known bestsellers in Georgian, such as Umberto Eco’s works. Success is the line that develops in the view of modern literature translation. Tamar Lebanidze said that it was also a big success when “Diogene” published the work of foreign, modern, classical writer earlier than the original.

The main difficulty on the way to success – “About 2 years after founding, we found that we had different opinions from one another about work, publishing priorities and other issues. It turned out that we could not work together. As a result, I was the only one staying at ‘’Diogene’’without partners, that were males. It’s harder for female to be in business in Georgia, without protector and politically strong.  I tried to find a financially sustainable direction that led to the existence of non profit projects, “said Lebanidze.

(boys were) In Georgia, a female businessman is in a more difficult situation than a male, if he is not a protector and if not politically motivated. It’s hard for a woman to do business. I tried to find a financially sustainable direction that led to the existence of non profit projects as well, “said Lebanidze.

According to Lebanidze, the normal company will always have difficulties in the existing business environment and state policy. A sharp change in textbook policy has led to a deterioration in the publishing business environment. According to her, when the state has changed the policy in the direction of the textbook, “Diogene” faced big problems. The company had and still has a bank credit, this led to the fact that the company closed the store.

“Libraries are in poor condition, which is negatively impacted on publish houses,” Lebanidze said.

The problem was the fire in the warehouse in 2009. At this time the company received a loss of 700,000 GEL.

The name and logo history – the name “diogene” is a random name. “I think that in the course of time the publishing house got very much close to essence and principles of the most famous diogenes, which, by principle, distinguished the truth.

As for Logos, the author is Otar Karalashvili ,one of the founders of the publishing house. “We passed apple trees alley while returning to Tbilisi from Khashuri. This scene dictated a logo,’’-Lebanidze said.