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Brand History – CAMPA

CAMPA, natural juices manufacturing company, was founded in 2008. The company introduced its first product on Georgian market in December 2009.

The company produces natural juices and nectars of top quality raw materials without food additives. The company products are rich of natural vitamins.

Initially, the company was producing only 7 varieties of products, while,currently, the company manufactures more than 30 varieties of products. In 2013 the company introduced another brand – CHVENI (OURS), while in 2016 CAMPA introduced the third brand – FRUTATA.

The Saguramo-based plant of CAMPA employs about 30 citizens. The enterprise is equipped by modern aseptic bottling lines of TETRA PAK company.

CAMPA company was founded for production of natural Georgian products. Moreover, the company founders wanted to replace imports by domestic products. Thanks to new and modern technologies, the company makes focus on production of higher-quality products.

CAMPA appeared on the market in 2008, amid financial crisis and Georgia-Russia hostilities. Despite these difficulties, CAMPA managed to overcome the crisis and became a successful company.

Competition with imported products is a key challenge for the company. Even today imported products manufactured by major corporations dominate on Georgian market. Consequently, CAMPA founders had to perform huge job to make the brand successful. However, competition is the stimulus for attaining further success, the company management said.

«Our stimulus is to create high-quality Georgian products  and to confirm to ourselves and others that Georgia is able to produce top quality and international standard products. This is our motivation and stimulus».

Why CAMPA? – CAMPA is top-quality, Georgian and affordable product.