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How to Boost Electricity Generation

How to Boost Electricity Generation

Electricity deficit reduction is one of the key challenges before Georgia. Taking into account the fact Georgia mainly buys electricity from Russia, energy security is of crucial importance.

Since Georgia does not have sufficient power generation sources, the country imports electricity mainly in winter period. Therefore, hydro engineer Leontina Galdava suggests the Government to make accent on that type of power plants that will enable to replace imports in winter period.

“Over the past years Georgia’s electricity imports surpasses the exports. Imports becomes necessary mainly in winter, because the country does not have sufficient number of steam power plants and regulatory hydro power plants that ensure electricity generation in winter period. We should make accent on development of that type of power stations that will help us in replacing imports in winter period”, Galdava said.

In response to question  how 4% economic growth will be reflected on electricity consumption growth, Galdava noted that economic growth will definiely enhance electricity consumption.

“From 2010 to 2016, average GDP growth made up 4.8%. In the same period, electricity consumption growth constituted 6%. In 2016 electricity consumption made up 12.7 terawatts. If we compare the 2017 indicators with 2016 report, we will see that the country has 6% growth. We can assume that the consumption will rise in 2017 too. If we have averaged 4% economic upturn, electricity consumption will also rise by at least 4%. As result, for 14-15 years, in case of 4% growth, we will need 9 terawatts, that is 70% of 2016 indicators. If we have 5% growth, electricity consumption will rise by 12% and if we have 6% growth, consumption will increase by 15 terawatts”, the hydro engineer noted.

Georgia keeps 80% of its total hydro resources unemployed, while regulatory HPPs and steam power plants are required to ensure power security of the country, she said.

For example, Galdava refers to Nenskta HPP project and says that Nenskra HPP is the type of HHPs that is oriented on electricity generation in winter period.

“Nenskra HPP has water storage reservoir and its is a natural battery, which enables to collect water in summer period and replace imports”, the hydro engineer noted.

Source: bm.ge