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Book Prices Rose in Georgia

With the start of 2015 b0ok prices in the country have increased significantly. As suggested by publishers and book store owners in Georgia, the national currency’s devaluation is the main culprit behind the drastic price hike.

Marian Tsamalashvili, representative of the publishing house Biblus, notes that prices for old books  have not increased, but the prices of new books have hiked by 10 percent.

Despite an increase in the price of books, sales have not decreased. In Tsamalashvili’s words,  children’s literature and belles-lettres accounts constitute the largest share of total sales. Sales for these accounts have not changed, when put against the  the previous year’s sales.

According to her, old books are sold at old prices, while  the share of new books sold at an increased price is minuscule.

Tsamalashvili notes that the discontent of the population is most likely expected by the end of 2015, as a lot of new  books are scheduled to be published by the end of the year, and will be sold at increased rates.

Tsamalashvili informs CBW that 3 months ago Biblus opened the first hyper bookstore in Transcaucasia, built on the area of 1,100 square meters.  In the near future Biblus plans to expand its stores reach to the Georgian countryside.

The situation is quite different at the publishing house Diogenes. The company’s PR Manager Nino Kusrashvili, says  that  in general the prices of  books increased  by GEL 2-3, however, the network’s books prices have not increased yet. Kusrashvili explains that  in case of the new order,  prices are due to go up.

Diogenes prints books mainly in Turkey, where the cost of services has increased, and Georgian printing houses rose the prices accordingly.

Kusrashvili notes the price hikes will reduce sales of books. That is why the company is reluctant to increase the prices. Due to the crisis, the publishing house announced discounts on old books.  However, the company’s sales for this year are down, compared to previous year’s data.

She adds that because of the country’s dire financial condition, many bookstores are closing. Given the current situation, Diogenes does not see any prospects for fast development and refrains from any potential risks.