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BIA held Regular Meeting with Business Representatives

BIA held another meeting with the representatives of construction and development companies within the framework of B Talks entitled – ”Construction and Development Challenges and Prospects of Companies”.

Meeting held at Holiday Inn Tbilisi was attended by representatives of 100 companies. Representatives of invited companies were presented to the construction market detailed statistics, information on market monitoring and controls, and introduced new perspectives of the construction sector.

Discussion was held with City Hall Architecture and Supervision Services, where construction and development companies had an opportunity to get detailed information on interesting issues for them. Together with City Hall representatives they discussed topics like construction regulations, Tbilisi General Plan, construction permits, security,etc.

B Talks is a new direction of BIA in the framework of which regular meetings are held with representatives of various business sectors. First segmentl meeting was held on February 2 with transport and carrier companies, attended by more than 70 representatives.

Meetings organized by BIA will continue during an year and cover all fields of business.