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BIA Develops Innovative Business Media Platform

On September 29 Holiday Inn hotel hosted a presentation of new brand of BIA – Business Follower.

Invited guests received information about the innovative platform that enables users to follow information about business companies published by various media agencies in real time, filter information due to fields, time, media sources or other criteria and organize their own media space to get sorted and interesting information.

At the same time, businessmen will be able to supervise information about their own companies in media space, appraise media agencies and place and spread news items in media agencies through the innovative media platform.

At the presentation the project authors talked about the new instrument for media monitoring that enables the audience to control information and simplifies content analysis in real time.

The new online platform of the Follower is designed for marketers, PR specialists, reporters and interested bodies, who are interested in business tendencies in Georgia.

www.follower.ge enables the audience to have access to publications about more than 35 000 active business companies, which are registered at BIA online bas. More than 100 online media agencies will be involved in the platform, which sorts information due to about 40 categories and this mechanism simplifies filtration process.

Separate pages have been created for each company, where all information about these companies are collected and sorted due to time. In parallel regime, all information about business companies will be published on BIA.ge website.

The Follower is based on modern technologies. The new platform was developed for saving time, simplifying analysis process and efficient application of business resources.