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BetLive Turnover Exceeds 277 million GEL

Annual revenues of the gambling business in Georgia exceeds 4 billion GEL. Major representatives of the mentioned field started publishing their financial reports.

According to the annual report by DayDream Universal Georgia (Betlive), the company holds a license for arranging betting houses, slot machines and other gambling games. According to the financial report, DayDream Universal received revenues of 277 719 962 GEL from gambling machines and betting houses in 2017, up 8 million GEL compared to 2016.

The company issued 255 371 088 GEL profits to gamers. Total expenditures of DayDream Universal made up 274 349 885 GEL. As a result, the company’s net profits in 2017 constituted 4.1 million GEL.

According to the report, DayDream Universal was founded on December 19, 2011. Derplada Group holds 50% stake and the another 50% ratio is owned by Suliko Varsemashvili.

BetLive online casino is not member of DayDream Universal and it operates as an independent legal entity. Its total revenues marked 46 million GEL in 2017, while dividends issued made up 40.5 million GEL.

The online casino finished the year of 2017 in 11 million GEL losses.