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Beer and Soft Drinks Manufacturers to Meet the Business Ombudsman Today

Beer and soft drinks manufacturers will meet the business ombudsman today. The mandatory labeling of soft drinks will be the main topic of the meeting. The meeting will touch on the elimination of the ban on drinking alcohol in the yards.

CBW was told at Natakhtari that the business ombudsman himself expressed a desire to meet with representatives of the sector. George Gakharia’s Office contacted the sector’s representatives after the soft drinks manufacturers said that PM’s decision on the delaying the markings on soft drinks does not resolve the problem and should be abolished.  The sector representatives again demand a meeting with Prime Minister on this issue.

They say the introduction of mandatory electronic marking  for  soft drinks is unacceptable, unfair and irrational. It contradicts the interests of the business and the state and has no precedent in any civilized country of the world, according to the businessman. Previously, lPrime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili instructed Finance Minister Nodar Khaduri to postpone compulsory labeling of non-alcoholic beverages.

Georgia Beverage Association’s position is tougher, the organization believes that the government should completely cancel the new regulation. “When we became aware of the initiative to introduce a new regulation, we announced that it will lead to price hikes, declining competitiveness compared with imports that will cause deterioration in the business climate and reduce the inflow of investments into the sector,” the Association representatives state .

Note: The authorities wanted  the mandatory labeling that the business has been struggling for almost 5 years to launch. As they say, at this stage all expenses will be covered by the Revenue Department. The government does  not specify whether the business will have to pay all the costs in the near future while the businessmen do not doubt that the events will develop under this scenario.

Initial problems started after Parliament’s ban on consumption of alcoholic beverages in public places that significantly reduced sales of beer, so much that breweries were forced to increase the prices for products and reduce staff.