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BDO Declares Significant Growth by 2016 Results

BDO declared a significant growth as compared to the previous year.

According to the data released by Supervisory Agency for Accounting, Auditing and Reporting, BDO’s combined fee income for the 2016 financial year amounts to GEL9,775,521 and establishes solid 3rd place for the firm in the official ranking of audit companies operating in Georgia.

This translates into 41% growth ratio reflecting service diversity and organic growth as well as significant merger in the beginning of the year. The merger accounts for major new direction of technology advisory now presented under the brand name of BDO Solutions.

Tangible 35% growth in dedicated partners and staff is the matter of singular importance as always.

Zurab Lalazashvili, Managing Partner of BDO: “if we look at the figures per service line, financial results demonstrate growth in every direction. I truly believe that what we have achieved is the outcome of hard work and dedication by each of the members of BDO team and I am extremely thankful for this. Our team spirit, our commitment to quality and efficiency lay solid foundation for us to put BDO’s global vision in practice – be the leader for exceptional client service and by doing so, maintain good standing among competitors at all times”.

For the past 9 years, BDO consistently maintains 4th or 3rd place in the ratings largely due to growing trust of the clients who value exceptional service.

In view of consistent development of professional services, BDO marked 2016 with spectacular diversification. Since the beginning of the year, the firm identifies as BDO Group and presents BDO Solutions for technology advisory, BDO HR & Payroll for human resource and payroll administration and BDO Academy for business trainings making all three of the new directions now part of BDO network.

Such diversification allows the firm to serve international corporations and local small and medium size businesses with equally excellent standards. Year after year growing number of clients trust BDO with their business in expectation of consistent high quality work.

Close proximity to clients, open communication, concentrating on what matters to them, commitment, trust and keeping the promises are BDO’s core values in all relationships.

Detailed information about latest ratings of audit firms is provided by https://saras.gov.ge