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Batumi is the Most Trendy Town For Belarusians

Belarusian online newspaper “Tourism and Holiday” publishes an article on Ajara’s tourism opportunities.  Article writes that last year’s trendy destination for Belarusians was Georgia’s seaside town Batumi.

Belarusian tourists were going with greater enthusiasm in Georgia rather than to the Mediterraneans. Georgia offers our tourists azure seaside, “article says.

The article also mentions business forum “Minsk-Batumi” which held in Belarus. Event was organized by the Chamber of Commerce, Georgian authorities and businessmen visited the forum.

Ajara’s economic and tourism perspective issues were discussed on the forum.

It was also noted that tourism infrastructure has changed and developed drastically in Ajara. New hotels and attractions have been built, accordingly Batumi more frequently hosts tourists flows from all over the world. From 2014 more than 1 million tourists visited the region, tourists are coming from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Russia, Poland, Israel and of course from Belarus.

What is the difference between Batumi and other resorts? Here tourists can enjoy not only sea but can hike to mountains, visit authentic villages, travel to national parks and most importantly taste delicious local cuisine.

And of course Georgian wine…

By 2020, 18 new hotels are due to open in Batumi.

Mountain resorts are due to open in Georgia, Belarus is announced to be very first priority in Ajara, so we will be first to hear latest news from Ajara,” added the author.