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Batumi Hosts Ajara Business Week’s Presentation

An official presentation of the Ajara Business Week (ABW), a new English-language business-economic weekly, was held at Hilton Hotel in Batumi, the Autonomous Republic of Ajara.

The event was attended by representatives of the local business sector and the local government, interested audience and the media sector. The presentation was led by GEPRA consulting company’s senior partner Kakha Maghradze. He widely overviewed the reasons and goals for issuing an English-language newspaper with a focus on Ajara-based business entities:

“Ajara is a very active region in terms of economic development – there is a quite high pace of economic activity in the region compared to the remaining country. Moreover, Ajara’s peculiarity consists in various foreign investors operating in the Region. Therefore, we have decided to issue an English-language newspaper. The edition is mainly oriented on decision-makers in the business sector and various organizations around the business sector. The edition is also designed for top officials, managers of the small and medium business sectors and the civil sector employees interested in the region’s business and economic activities”.

The ABW’s concept, goals and objectives were also overviewed by ABW editor-in-chief Zurab Kukuladze.


“With multiyear experience in the business media, our team fully realizes the business potential the Autonomous Republic of Ajara holds in the current situation. This team will act as a certain mediator between the Authorities, the business sector and the society in terms of unbiased and qualified coverage. We believe our undertaking will increase the attractiveness of the Region’s business environment.

We will provide qualified analysis on Ajara’s business potential to the interested audience. The newspaper will actively cover achievements, challenges and potential of the local business. We plan to tightly cooperate with local and central governments to deliver valuable information on governmental initiatives and reforms to the interested audience and provide additional opportunity to local major and smaller businesses and investors to better realize and perceive the region’s huge potential.

In one word, our team will have friendly relations with the Region’s business sector and lobby the local initiatives and highlight the Region’s opportunities. I hope the local business and the society will accept our friendship and fruitfully cooperate with our team”, Kukuladze noted.

The ABW editor Levan Beglarishvili has introduced the editorial board’s plans regarding organizational management, frequency of issuance and distribution aspects.

“I would like to welcome the presented society and congratulate you on the newspaper issuance that, first of all, will promote the local business.

The newspaper will be issued in a weekly format without seasonal breaks. The edition will cover Ajara’s business and governmental initiatives throughout the year. The newspaper will be delivered free of charge to representatives of the Ajara government, business, media and civil society sectors. Ordinary citizens will be able to receive the newspaper at local hotels, restaurants, cafes and other public places. The newspaper will be also delivered to the local airport and air passengers. ABW is also distributed to Tbilisi and other cities of Georgia.

Moreover, the ABW will share its news and articles to the very popular foreign media platforms. As a result, international attractiveness of the Ajara Region will further increase”. The local government officials have also delivered speech at the presentation. They expressed gratitude to the ABW editorial board for this beneficial undertaking and showed willingness to cooperate with our newspaper.

Batumi Mayor Giorgi Ermakov pointed he was pleased to welcome any similar media edition with a focus on the region’s processes, especially, on the Batumi developments and events, that will deliver information on the region’s and Batumi’s events and process to its audience, foreign media partners and potential investors.


“I imply the investments the Ajara government has been making in the Region. I also mean the business environment that enables perspective foreign investors to receive required information. I also mean summertime culture events in Batumi. Besides information delivery to the interested audience, this is also a very good opportunity to valuably advertize the region and the city. Batumi City Hall is also ready to tightly cooperate with the edition and provide all due information in continuous regime on the Batumi City Hall activities and performance, about the municipal innovations. All these efforts will contribute to improving the economic situation and developing the tourism sector in Ajara and the whole country”, Giorgi Ermakov said.

Avtandil Beridze, the Ajara Supreme Council Chairman:

The Ajara residents appreciate you have issued this newspaper. In the name of the Ajara Supreme Council we pledge to ensure overall and efficient cooperation with this edition. I imply that our government has prioritized the agriculture sector. This field is a priority direction in the Ajara Region. There is an advertisement of  the Produce in Georgia state program on the 6th page. And we know this program makes focus on the agriculture sector and this is of vital importance, as the agriculture sector is interrelated with the tourism sector. All tourists need food products. Therefore, it is important that food products be produced in Georgia. We will cooperate with the newspaper in this direction. Moreover, the Ajara Supreme Council has set up a special commission for financial and economic issues. This commission works very successfully  and discusses bills, amendments to the legislation and we welcome the newspaper will highlight all amendments and changes and this information will be very interesting to the business sector and foreign investors”.

Ajara Economy Minister Giorgi Baladze:

I welcome you have issued this newspaper.  This is a good opportunity for investors to receive information in the international language and they will not need any more to apply to various local governmental offices to have real and valuable information. This is a definitely step forward for our region, where foreign investors have been actively operating. I am sure our government and the newspaper will tightly cooperate to valuably cover the region’s economic developments and the determined directions. I would like to wish a success and all the best to the ABW editorial board”.