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Bakhmaro to Gain 5000 New Accommodation Places

“Two weeks ago, we conferred the status of a settlement to Bakhmaro. Previously, this location did not have an official status and the opportunity to participate in various activities as an independent administrative unit. And now we have arranged this legal aspect”, Vice Prime Minister of Georgia Maia Tskitishvili noted at the Georgia and World 2019 economic conference.

The Vice Prime Minister also talked about space arrangement aspects.

“Under the plan, more than 5000 accommodation places will be added to Bakhmaro, including in the private family business sector. We have already finished the first phase of building the high-voltage transmission line and total budget made up 5 million USD. The project was implemented by the Municipal Development Fund. We plan to finish the electrification process by autumn 2019. Many other infrastrctural projects will further develop this resort”, Maia Tskitishvili said.