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Badagoni Cannot Export Wine to China

Badagoni Cannot Export Wine to China

Wine producing company “Badagoni” announces review of agreements with international partners.

The company says that the company fulfils existing commitments towards employees and partners in the emergency mode. According to them, they do not have a contract with China now, at the same time agreements are reviewed with other international partners.

“The image and reputation of the company “Badagoni” is damaged on the international markets and naturally it will take some time to rehabilitate it. We have already started working on it,” – said the company.

According to them, the company received both financial and moral damage in the current majeure situation, but they have not made fanatical calculation of the damage at this stage.

As for the dispute regarding the ownership of the company, the company claims that it does not deal with the working process of “Badagoni”, it is necessary for the company to complete the searching process by the State Investigative Authority soon. However, dispute of individual persons is not connected to the function of Badagon.

“We hope that Badagoni – Georgian wine will be able to restore and make diversification on the local and international markets,” – said the company.