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Baby Food Manufacturing Plant to Open in Gori

Baby food manufacturing plant will open in Georgia. The products will be sold under the brand of KULA, the company director Vano Goglidze told BM.GE. The plant will open in Gori in 2019 to produce juices and purees for babies over 3 months.

“We suppose to launch production in September-October 2019. At this stage, we are calculating the amount of required investments. We will have final indicators in June 2018. We will produce juices and purees of natural raw materials. We own fruit gardens in Gori District on 50 hectares: this is cherry, plumb, raspberry, wild plumb and we plan to add several other varieties. Initially, we will supply our products to the domestic market.

Everybody tries to import cheap products to Georgia, while good and high-quality products are expensive. Therefore, we will offer the same quality products for cheaper prices”, Vano Goglidze said.