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Azerbaijan is the Biggest Investor for Georgia

Direct foreign investment of  173 million USD has been made from neighboring countries in Georgia, which is 35% of the total investments.

Major share of investments are related to the  works carried on expending of Baku – Tbilisi – Erzurum gas pipeline, which is a part of the second phase of  Azerbaijan Shah-Deniz project. Investment volume is sharply increased from Azerbaijan.


Netherlands is on the second position – 55 million, while Turkey ranks as the third – by 43 million. To note, 11% of investments accounts for Netherlands, while 9% – on Turkey.

As of the preliminary data, the volume of direct foreign investments implemented in Georgia has made up 489 million USD in Q3, 2015, which is less by 33% comparing to the exacted data of Q3, 2014, while exceeds by 38% to the preliminary data of Q2, 2015.